Death Threat Cassette

One Mans Mission

Death Threat Cassette is a one piece Alt Rock blunderbuss firing hooks & melodies along with buckets of riffs & noise to its cult & loyal following.

Lee Pecqueur the man behind DTC has been a songwriter/guitarist/singer since 1992 when his friend Dan White & Lee formed their first band & recorded 11 original songs on a tape machine 1 week after forming, 

Lee has always been focused on songwriting & it wasn't until the formation of another band Solanoid that guitar was taken more seriously as the band was a power 3 piece & open folk  chords were not what the doctor ordered so noise riffs & big balls moments were required & delivered, during this time Lee worked with Legendary Seattle Producer Jack Endino (Nirvana,Mudhoney,Soundgarden,Lee & played shows with Biffy Clyro,The Buzzcocks & Jetplane Landing to name a few,

Since that band dissolved in the mid-2000's Lee started DTC with the intention of creating music that was closer to Lee's own vision & heart, although he had written all his previous band's work it was written with them also in mind & with a real reluctance from the other members well namely one aka MR Boring Lee had felt hindered & held back by the dossers from developing & ever getting a head of the game as the people calling the shots in the band were the least talented & had no genuine respect for music or the bands fans so it was time to do what was needed & start a one man lo-fi diy wrecking machine.....& so he did,

DTC is a passion project & as real a band for Lee as anything he has ever been involved with one person giving 100% is better than three giving 20% DTC is Lee's longest running band 13yrs as of now (2020),

DTC has 2 albums released Lo-fi or Die (2012) & Dial M for Masham (2015) with a new album on its way called Use Your Delusion (2020) with the first single releasing world wide on the 8th august 2020 entitled Tank Gun Soldier,