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Whole -Courtney Cludge

New single out now!

Check Out the new single featuring Kimmi & Lee (DTC) out now

News feb 10th 2021

New Single releasing 27/2/21

Red Letter Lighthouse Announced As Next Banger/Knee Trembler from 'use your delusion'

Thanks to everyone for the support for 'The Purge' DTC's last single well to follow that on the 20th feb people can pre-order Use Your Delusion from digital retailers following that on the 27th feb the single 'Red Letter Lighthouse' is released then on the 6th march Use Your Delusion comes bowling through the door with hob nail boots to kick the shit out of everyone, its gonna be a great time to love DTC i promise x

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Death Threat Cassette has an awesome feature on 'The Kaboom Room' music website, The feature can be found @

Huge Thanks & appreciation to Simon from The Kaboom Room for the fantastic piece & putting time & faith in me its more than flattering, please check out the page, bookmark it, share it Simon is a very knowledgeable guy on music & has vast experience in all aspects of the music business so his writings come from a place of been there done it got several boxes of band t shirts so if you can give the site a look id love that,Also while im being cheeky please check out Simons band 'Distance From Zero' they have videos on youtube & music on soundcloud (that's where i enjoy their music) they are very unique although i throw a lot of different sounds i hear at Simon when we discuss the work ultimately They sound like 'Distance From Zero' i don't want to pigeon hole the music but id describe them as Underground Alt Indie Punk with Shards of Aggressive Guitars Complemented Perfectly by Thoughtful Melodic & Memorable Keys More Hooks Than Fishermans Tackle Box With a Political Edge to the Lyrics Delivered with a Punk/Indie Attitude... I could go on please just check them out! x

Also Thanks To Our Sound Music for awarding 'Tank Gun Soldier' Single Of the Week its such an honour,Please support those guys they have a fantastic site full to the brim with features & a great community Big Respect To Our Sound your amazing!

Sorry for the slow updates there's a lot going on in the build up to the album but ill have more time & items to update soon, thanks for your support music has been my life work however bad it may be i love to do this so having support & people back that music is priceless Thank You Your Amazingly Radical Dudes & Dudettes x

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DTC has a feature on the band & the new single which you can view here

Thanks to Kev from Our Sound for reaching out please support the site & check it out for all the hottest indie features & reviews.

Lee x

Latest News

Death Threat Cassette has a new single ‘Tank Gun Soldier’ which is released on the 8th Aug 2020 available in all digital stores & streaming services